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Serverless Student Data Analytics on AWS

We had a great turnout for our first cloud community learning event. Kevin Murakoshi presented an engaging overview and demostration of using serverless technolgy in support of student data analytics. There were a number of great questions and I recieved several comments from the audience asking for more presentations on the same lines. We are working with AWS as well as other cloud vendors to develop external presentations and welcome anyone from the community here at UCSF who would like to present on their architectures and solutions. 

I have the recording of the presentation available for download at the following Box location. Please pass along to those who might have missed the presentation.

Serverless Student Data Analytics on AWS

After the presentation I recieved a follow up from Kevin:

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for hosting me on the call yesterday. There was a question at the end about creating glue jobs via cli/api calls and how that compared with uploading code to lambda. 

It looks like CLI/API control of glue jobs is considerably simpler, you don’t have to build zip files the same way that lambda requests them. You can upload code to S3 and then point the glue job at the code in S3. Libraries can be added in the same way.
Kevin Murakoshi | AWS Solution Architect | Email: [email protected]