UCSF Central IT Cloud Services Program

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UCSF Central IT is working with all major cloud vendors to provide access to cloud computing resources for our educational and health needs. Currently we have made a substantial body of AWS services available under the offering titled the Secure Enterprise Cloud or the SEC. The SEC is comprised of a Core Platform of services that integrate the AWS cloud into the UCSF network (Azure and GCP are in the works) and the UCSF security tools needed to deliver a secure computing environment.

Due to the complexity of billing and recharge for cloud services we tie all recharge back to a CloudPay ID.

Step 1.  Learn more about Central IT managed PO / cloudPay 

Step 2. Click on the titles below to learn about and select an offering.

SEC Core Platform Account

The Core Platform is provided via a separate AWS account provisioned for departments and labs who have staff to support their own IT and infrastructure needs. Individuals who wish to use the SEC Core Platform must access their cloud console from the UCSF network. If you are a department wishing to access compute resources for your cloud or hybrid architecture or to provide a cloud based secure service, or if you are a lab looking to develop custom comptuing pipelines, this may be the option for you. 

Research Analysis Environment

For research needs where technical staff may not be available the RAE environment may be the right fit. The RAE Cloud has both storage and compute options available and is built on the SEC Core Platform.

Storage Gateway Service

The Storage Gateway Service is a network file service that delivers a network file share to the subscribing department or lab. This file service is backed by AWS S3 storge in the SEC Core Platform. Files stored in Gateway File Share have access controlled by Active Directory. There is no direct access to the underlying S3 objects stored in this solution. All file access must be accessed via the Storage Gateway Service. 

Additional Platform Services are being developed by departements around campus. Please check back for updates.