AWS Enterprise Support available to Secured Enterprise Cloud Accounts


As part of an on-going service improvement effort, all member accounts in Secured Enterprise Cloud (SEC) environment are enrolled in AWS Enterprise Support as of May 1st, 2021.  This additional service is offered at no cost to SEC member accounts.


How to submit ticket to AWS Enterprise Support :



A separate communication has been sent to non SEC member account holders under IT Master Payer Account (MPA) on how to take advantage of this new service.  Please click here to see this communication.


Option 1- Instructions for closing non SEC account:



Option 2- Instructions for opening a new SEC account and self-manage your workload migration:


Option 3 – Accept the additional cost of Enterprise Support, and work with IT to move your account from the current MPA to another MPA that is not in SEC. 


Option 4 - Instructions for moving your account to an unsecured and unsupported MPA:

  • Submit request to IT Customer Solutions Mangement and request consultation for moving your account to an unsecured and unsupported MPA. 
  • Provide root credential of your existing account