Storage Gateway Service

The Storage Gateway Service is NOT a backup service alternative.

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The Storage Gateway Service is a network file service that delivers a network file share to the subscribing department or lab. This file service is backed by AWS S3 storge in the SEC Core Platform. Files stored in Gateway File Share have access controlled by Active Directory. There is no direct access to the underlying S3 objects stored in this solution. All file access must be accessed via the Storage Gateway Service. 

Using the Storage Gateway is easy!

The Storage Gateway service is available via RAE for researcher or directly from Central IT for all other use cases.

Instructions and screenshots of how to access the Gateway Service are avialable on the RAE Wiki here

For researchers access to RAE is requested via this form. Please indicate that you want a storage gateway share in the comments section.

For non-research, clinical and departement needs you can open a cloud account with central IT using the following steps.

Step 1. Open a CloudPay Account with Central IT

Step 2. Choose your storage class