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What is CloudPay?

Cloud computing makes it easy to get your applications and workloads running quickly. Resources can be provisioned and paid for by the microsecond in some cases. However, that ease and flexibility results in complicated billing statements. Central IT has developed a recharge process that expands on the concept of a PeopleSoft SpeedType to generate an ID called a Cost Allocation Tag ID. This ID makes it possible for Central IT to manage a single purchase order for the public cloud providers and recharge departments for their cloud usage. 

This process is named CloudPay. 

Every month UCSF receives a report with tens of millions of rows of data detailing the cloud usage charges. CloudPay enables us to accurately account for the appropriate chart of accounts associated with each line of that report. 

Using CloudPay a department can split the cost of their cloud resources among up to four different chart of accounts. The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up your CloudPay relationship with the Central IT Cloud Business Office. After which cloud services may be provisioned. 

Our first public cloud provider to be supported is AWS. If you have an AWS account you can enter the UCSF AWS Master Organization (UAMO). If you don't have an account a new account can be provisioned for you. 

Benefits of being part of the UAMO:

  • Inclusion in the AWS UC agreement which offers a network traffic egress credit equal to 15% of the total bill in each individual account. 
  • Enterprise Discount Program
  • Elligibility for coverage under the BAA between AWS and the UC system. This is required if the account will be hosting P3 or P4 data as designated by the UC Data Classification.
  • A direct and immediate UC educational discount on all services run in the account.
  • Ability to log in to the account using our Campus AD Single Sign On. 
  • Enterprise security tools for makeing sure data is compliant.
  • New to Secured Enterprise Accounts - UCSF monthly statement.  Please email [email protected] with your AWS link account number and contact info to receive your customized statement.
  • More! 

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