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Storage is big at UCSF

Storage is big at USCF. Research requires the use of large data sets. Library needs to save archives. Every system in operation needs some form of backup. Disaster recovery. Analytics. Etc.

As time goes by the demand for storage continues to increase and cost pressure continues to be a major motivator for target storage services. We are actively working to reduce the cost of storage and provide easy access facilities for data transfer to and from the cloud, lifecycle management of data reduce overall costs and versioning and replication for critical data sets.

Currently in process is our Basic Storage Service MVP. This MVP will be the precursor to a suite of storage services offered by the central ITS Cloud Services team. In its initial implementation an individual will be able to provide basic recharge information and receive an auto provisioned AWS account preconfigured under our master payer account organization in AWS with the appropriate level of security controls to qualify for coverage under our BAA with AWS. Inside this account a single bucket will be auto provisioned and made available for access with our campus authentication tools and single sign on access using

On the roadmap is the ability to connect one of the S3 buckets in your AWS account to an on-prem ITS hosted file server that you can access using standard Windows File Sharing or via NFS on Linux.

We would love to hear any further suggestions. Please stay tuned for more details!