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Cloudy with a chance of digital transformation...

Cloudy with a chance of digital transformation... (

We all need information to do our work and research. The ability to consume, process and disseminate information at the speed of demand and at the scale of enterprise is what cloud technology makes possible. We are all familiar with mobile apps, web apps, even desktop-based client server apps. All these ways of accessing information are either backed by cloud technology or in the process of being transformed to do so. 

There is a lot of ambiguity about the word cloud and what it means in general, and what it means to each of our ways of working. Cloud is not really a vendor, nor is it a specific technology. Cloud is a mindset and a way of causing systems to interact with each other. This mindset is what allows systems to communicate over the internet delivering computing resources on-demand, redundantly in a highly available way with nearly unlimited ability to scale all without needed to understand the underlying mechanics of how those computing resources are provisioned and managed.

The thing that is interesting about cloud and how it can support digital transformation is that since it is a mindset at its root, that same mindset can be applied to our internal private technology stacks, and it can also be applied to the very way that we work together across teams to empower research, accelerate education and deliver a high touch experience in our patient care. 

Cloud services here in ITS is certainly not going to be able to deliver all that is needed for a larger digital transformation across UCSF; however, we are committed to finding ways to support the solutions needed by teams and departments in their efforts to undergo digital transformation. Those people looking to find ways to accelerate their work efforts, reduce costs and increase the quality of their deliverables. We are here to help you reduce your costs, increase your computing performance, and make your information available in a secure and compliant manner.

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