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The UCSF Cloud team can be reached at: [email protected]

Request for Service

Whether you need advice on developing a cloud based application, getting a hybrid storage network share, a fully capbable public cloud provider account please start by submitting a request for service using the form at the following link:

Request for Service

UCSF Secure Enterprise Cloud AWS Account Request

An AWS account in the Secure Enterprise Cloud allows for a department or lab to charge their cloud compute costs directly to their cost center and to control access to their cloud resources using the UCSF Active Directory and Single Sign On processes. The department head of the cost center on the chart of accounts must approve and an account owner that is able to verify compliance with data policies and procedures must be named. An overview call with central IT explaining responsibilities with the department head, account owner, primary point of contact and the technical point of contact must be scheduled prior to the account being approved and opened. Just as AWS operated in a shared responsibility model, so does central IT and the account owner is the accountible party for complience and must accept that accountability per the terms of service. These terms must be re-accepted periodically as they are updated in order to keep the account in good standing.

Request AWS Account

Migrate an Existing AWS account into the Master Payor Org

AWS accounts that are already established and wish to take advantage of the UCSF IT CloudPay service of consolidated billing management and to obtain the discounts and cost savings negotiated by UCOP and UCSF can use this form to request the account be invited into the organization. For security purposes the root account must be transfered to IT. If you are unable to transfer the root account to central IT you will need to request for an exception from the CTO and CIO. The cloud team can help you to navigate this process. To make sure your experience is a smooth as possible please already have engaged with the Solution Mangement team regarding your cloud needs and the request to migrate your account. You can contact the Solution Management team using the link above.

If you are ready to request that your account be invited please use the following form:

Move AWS account to Master Payor Org

Request a new Product or Feature

If you have a request for a new cloud based product or feature including: activating new AWS services, building new AMI for use in the cloud, developing APIs, implementing a security tool, etc. Please use this form to get your request added to the roadmap planning process.

Product Feature Request


Submitt a new AWS credit code